NORWAC’s core values are:
solidarity, respect, equity and impartiality.


NORWAC shall contribute towards ensuring that entire populations, including refugees and other exposed groups, in countries and areas with humanitarian needs have access to basic, safe health services of high quality. NORWAC’s work shall support national health authorities, local institutions and individual health workers’ efforts to sustain the provision of necessary health services to minimize consequences of war and humanitarian crises.


  • NORWAC’s work shall be based on humanity, impartiality, independence and neutrality as well as medical ethical guidelines. Local co-operating partners and beneficiaries of their services shall receive support based on needs, irrespective of ethnical, political or religious affiliation.
  • NORWAC’s work is based on commitment and voluntarism, keeping the target groups’ needs and wishes at the center of the work. Bureaucracy shall be kept at the lowest justifiable level.
  • NORWAC shall support health infrastructure and training of health personnel, primarily through existing and established systems like public health services or established voluntary organizations.
  • The support shall have a stable and long-term perspective where building of independent communities is central even in times of emergency and crisis.
  • NORWAC supported projects are mainly implemented by local partners. The contents of the co-operation shall be based on local needs and initiated by local partners.
  • Norwegian and international experts should preferably be used in training, and only exceptionally as service deliverers.

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