NORWAC has since 1994 worked in Palestine, with health institutions and strengthening local educational institutions. Through its work, NORWAC has established a long-term cooperation with the Palestinian healthcare providers to promote predictability, ensure mutual trust and create lasting results.

The emphasis is on utilizing local expertise and resources. However, upon request from the Palestinians, Norwegian health personnel are dispatched to consult and work together with local staff. NORWAC has entered an institutional cooperation agreement with Oslo University Hospital (OUS). The agreement ensures access to highly qualified medical and technical experise, which has been used both at Al-Makassed Charitable Hospital in East Jerusalem and at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Target Groups

  • The Palestinian population in need of health services, with a focus on war injured, women’s health and neonates. 

  • The Palestinian governmental health sector. 

NORWAC’s goals

  • Contribute to the Al-Shifa hospital’s ability to deliver critical health services.

  • Contribute to strengthen and develop local health staff capability.


  • Oxygen support in Gaza.
  • Spare Parts to Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Medicines and medical disposables to Gaza.

  • Improving Mental Health in Gaza.

  • Dialysis department at Al-Shifa

  • Quality Maternal and New-born Care.

  • Pain Management Clinic.

  • Emergency Health Training