NORWAC’s work in Lebanon began in 1983. Since then we have had continues presence, primarily working with health-related projects. The work is based on a close collaboration with local Lebanese and Palestinian NGOs, and the target groups are Palestinian refugees and underprivileged Lebanese. However, in light of the influx of large groups of displaced Syrians, certain projects also target Syrian refugees. Facilitating cooperation across sectarian divide is an integral part of NORWACs work in 

Target Groups

  • A community of ca. 1 700 000 refugees. Palestinians from Lebanon (PRL), Syrians and Palestinians from Syria (PRS). 
  • Vulnerable groups in the host community. 

NORWAC’s goals

  • Access to sexual and reproductive health services, primary – and secondary healthcare services.

  • Strengthening mental health services.
  • Physical rehabilitation and access to specialized treatment.

  • Support Palestinian youth in education within health sciences.

  • Access to life saving treatment for people with non-communicable chronic diseases, such as renal failure, thalassemia.


  • Oxygen support in Gaza.
  • Spare Parts to Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Medicines and medical disposables to Gaza.

  • Improving Mental Health in Gaza.

  • Quality Maternal and New-born Care.

  • Pain Management Clinic.