22 apr

Improving Mental Health in Gaza

NORWAC received funding for a new project in Gaza last year in May. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of mental health services and provide patients with mental health conditions access to the appropriate medication. The first mission took finally place in March 2022.


17 jun

Midwives from Gaza presenting at the International Midwife Congress

Results from NORWAC’s Safe Childbirth project in Gaza was presented at The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) 32nd Triennial Congress in June 2021.


1 jun

Emergency help to Gaza

NORWAC recieved on 22nd of May 8 million NOK as an Emergency grant for medicines and medical disposables to Gaza.


23 okt

NORWAC’s Oxygen Generator Project more relevant than ever

Medical oxygen is crucial for critically ill COVID-19 patients. In Gaza they have admitted all COVID-19 patients at the European Hospital and there is a need for more oxygen. NORWAC have bought a new generator which hopefully will be in place by early December. Picture show the new generator at Al- Naser Hospital in Gaza, installed in August 2020.


24 sep

Pain Management in Gaza

The NORWAC supported Pain Management Clinic in Gaza is celebrating its first birthday on the 24rd of September.  The main reasons for the clinic's success is the highly committed local staff. One of them is nurse Mohammed Riad Abu Reyala, who recently got an article published in Journal of Clinical Anestesia and Pain Management.


31 jan

Emergency Health Training in Gaza

Doa’ Sa’ed Al Daowr, a nurse from The Ophthalmology hospital was one of the participants at the Emergency Health Training course in January 2020. A project funded by NORWAC in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Human Resources Development Department in Gaza.


28 okt

Improving Neonatal care in Gaza

NORWAC started a new project in Gaza in May 2019. The overall goal of the project is to increase the compentence of nursing in Gaza. Twenty-five students have been recruited representing most of the hospitals in Gaza.


15 okt

Opening of Gaza Pain Management Clinic

The goal of the project is to improve the capacity for Pain Management, to ease the burden for the injured patients as well as utilizing the medicine the best way.


15 nov

Extra funds to Gaza- 5. mill. NOK

NORWAC has recieved another 5. million NOK from the MFA for Emergency Aid to Gaza. The funding will  provide help for the dire need of medical supplies and medical equipment. NORWAC consultant orthopedic surgeon Geir Stray Andreassen was in Gaza in May and experienced the large numbers of injured from the "Great March of Return". Read reports from Swedish media (in Swedish).