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EMT Team in GAZA

A new Emergency Medical Team (EMT) has successfully entered Gaza to provide critical assistance. The team comprises orthopedists Geir Stray Andreassen and Odd Arild Ågedal, anesthesiologist Fadi Kabbouli, and OR nurse Alice Skår.

A talk with the midwives

“We were in contact with our colleagues in Gaza the first 3 weeks after the war in Gaza started, but now we have lost contact with them. We are very worried. Many of our friends and colleagues live in Beit Hanoun and have had to flee south with their families. We do not have direct information about the situation for women and children other than from the news and information we have from other wars and crisis.”

Angrep på flere sykehus i Gaza siste døgn 11.11.2023

Pressemelding: Angrep på flere sykehus i Gaza siste døgn  I går og i natt har israelske styrker utført en rekke angrep mot Palestinske sykehus i Gaza. Soldater har skutt med skarp ammunisjon mot intensivavdelingen ved Røde Halvmåne sykehuset Al Quds og drept en og skadet 38 sivile, de fleste barn som hadde søkte tilflukt i sykehuset. 

Visit to Arsal

On the 30th of September a delegation of representatives from NORWAC and from our local implementing partner URDA, visited Arsal. NORWAC has since 2015 supported the only hospital available for the local community and the large group of Syrian Refugees living in the area.


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