NORWAC’s Oxygen Generator Project more relevant than ever

Medical oxygen is crucial for critically ill COVID-19 patients. In Gaza they have admitted all COVID-19 patients at the European Hospital and there is a need for more oxygen. NORWAC have bought a new generator which hopefully will be in place by early December. Picture show the new generator at Al- Naser Hospital in Gaza, installed in August 2020.


Pain Management in Gaza

The NORWAC supported Pain Management Clinic in Gaza is celebrating its first birthday on the 24rd of September.  The main reasons for the clinic's success is the highly committed local staff. One of them is nurse Mohammed Riad Abu Reyala, who recently got an article published in Journal of Clinical Anestesia and Pain Management.


Support to Lebanon

NORWAC will receive 6. million NOK from Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support Rafiq Hariri University Hospital with critical infrastructure and equipment and support training and medication in the field of mental health.



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Contribute to MOH’s ability to deliver critical health services in Gaza.

Contribute to the development of local health staff competence and preparedness for emergencies.


Radiograpic senter 2


Contribute to retain primary and secondary healthcare services

Retain basic diagnostic services and blood banks

Provide life-saving treatment to patients with chronic diseases/thalassemia and renal failure

Support physical rehabilitation services




Contribute to retain and develop secondary healthcare services for Palestinian refugees and other vulnerable groups.

Develop and give access to mental health services.

Give access to reproductive health and primary healthcare services in Saida.

Ensure rehabilitation services for refugees and Lebanese with physical disabilities and spinal cord injuries.

Support the education of Palestinian health personnel.

Ensure life-saving treatment for refugees with chronic diseases.

Give access to fundamental healthcare services in Arsal.