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NORWAC is a humanitarian organization that works with health-related projects in the Middle East.


Lidelsene i Gaza er større enn noen gang. I 1948 ble 750 000 palestinere drevet på flukt. Nå i 2023 blir 1,4 millioner utsatt for folkerettsstridig tvangsfordrivning under bomberegn i en krigssone. Behovene for helsehjelp er enorme.

NORWAC har i 40 år arbeidet med helsehjelp i Palestina og for palestinske flykninger i Midtøsten.

Ønsker du å bidra til humanitær helsehjelp til befolkninger i Gaza. 

Du kan støtte økonomisk til innkjøp og distribusjon av livreddende medisiner og medisinske utstyr i Gaza. Alle pengene går uavkortet til medisinsk nødhjelp. 

Kontonummer: 1506.99.02488, merk donasjonen med Nødhjelp Gaza.

Vipps: 126863

Displaced in Gaza
Fatalities in Gaza
Injuries in Gaza
Missing persons in Gaza
Fatalities on the West Bank
Injuries on the West Bank

Palestinian Casualties 15.nov 2023 kl:23.59

Issued by OCHA (cumulative as of 10.nov 2023)

*following the collapse of services and communications hospitals in the north, the MoH in Gaza did not update casualty figures. 


NORWAC is a humanitarian organization that works with health-related projects in the Middle East. NORWAC adheres to the main principles of humanitarianism and medical ethics, in particular the principles of impartiality – that services and assistance needs to be given according to needs, regardless of race and ethnicity, religion and political beliefs, and in line with medical ethics – in the tradition of the “Hippocratic oath”.

active medical consultants
of NORWAC’s project target women and children

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A talk with the midwives

“We were in contact with our colleagues in Gaza the first 3 weeks after the war in Gaza started, but now we have lost contact with them. We are very worried. Many of our friends and colleagues live in Beit Hanoun and have had to flee south with their families. We do not have direct information about the situation for women and children other than from the news and information we have from other wars and crisis.”

Angrep på flere sykehus i Gaza siste døgn 11.11.2023

Pressemelding: Angrep på flere sykehus i Gaza siste døgn  I går og i natt har israelske styrker utført en rekke angrep mot Palestinske sykehus i Gaza. Soldater har skutt med skarp ammunisjon mot intensivavdelingen ved Røde Halvmåne sykehuset Al Quds og drept en og skadet 38 sivile, de fleste barn som hadde søkte tilflukt i sykehuset. 

Emergency medical aid delivered to Gaza. 24.Oct 2023

NORWAC received an emergency funds of 6,8 mill NOK, from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to the emergency situation in Gaza. The funds were granted for medicines and medical disposables to hospitals in Gaza.

The worst October in mind. 18.Oct 2023

As a result of the ongoing conflict in Gaza the situation for the Palestinian people is catastrophic.  Over 1.1m people are displaced, 3000 dead and 12.500 wounded. And to make things worse, the number of medical professionals at risk is increasing.

Training at the Dedregya Clinic

Finally NORWAC’s consultants, urologist Trygve Talseth and Gro Cecilia Stensrød, a nurse specialist in urology, were able to travel back to Lebanon on the 13th of June. It is three years ago, since their last visit to Imam Sadr Foundation’s (ISF) rehabilitation clinic in Dedregya.

Del 3: Listen over folk som skal takkes er lang! At så mange samles i solidaritet for det palestinske folket og for Gaza, viser at det er håp❤️🇵🇸
Del 2: Tusen, tusen takk til absolutt ALLE som var en del av solidaritetskonserten igår🫶🏽🇵🇸
Del 1: Tusen, tusen takk til absolutt ALLE som stilte opp på solidaritetskonsert igår🫶🏽🇵🇸
29th of november marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. On that occasion, there will be a concert at #collosseumkino in Oslo. 
We hope to see you there! For ticket sales, please go to @palestinadagen and see the link in their bio.
All ticket sales will go to NORWACs emergency work in Gaza. 

Thank you to all who have contributed with your time and dedication to make this happen. 

We are very grateful ❤️🇵🇸

Sterk kronikk i Aftenposten fra norsk helsepersonell som jobber for NORWAC i Gaza (publisert 21.11.23). 

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WhatsApp message from one of our friends / colleague in Gaza🇵🇸 Words says it all💔 

Received [15/11/23]
“ Most of us are sleeping outside in courtyards at UN schools. What now?” Where do we get shelter from the rain and the winter approaching?” #humanitariancrisis #NORWAC #norwegianaidcommitte 

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Video in story
Al Shifa Hospital is lacking fuel for their generators. Sent to us by a paediatrician at Al Shifa Hospital. 

#humanitarianaid #norwegianaidcommittee #norwac #emergencyresponse #gaza #alshifahospital
Our CEO gave an interview to Klassekampen. In Gaza they lack everything at the moment, water, medical aid, sanitation and food. 

#humanitarianaid #norwegianaidcommittee #NORWAC #emergencyresponse  #gaza
Dr. Mads Gilbert, still in Cairo and NOT GIVING UP on entry to Gaza! He has an important message: Speak up up against the injustice,talk shoot what is happening and the bombings must stop now! 
[Video in Norwegian ]


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