A new Emergency Medical Team in Gaza

A new Emergency Medical Team (EMT) has successfully entered Gaza to provide critical assistance. The team comprises orthopedists Geir Stray Andreassen and Odd Arild Ågedal, anesthesiologist Fadi Kabbouli, and OR nurse Alice Skår.

Upon their arrival, the EMT brought approximately 900 kg of essential medical equipment and food supplies. Prior to departing from Cairo, all equipment was meticulously packed into the vehicle, with Ikea bags filled to the brim with medical supplies, medications, and food items.

The team's mission in Gaza is planned to have a duration of two weeks. Their primary focus will be on providing much-needed medical support in the northern region of Gaza, where access to assistance is severely limited. In this area, only two small hospitals or clinics are operational, functioning at minimal capacity.

NORWAC are deeply grateful for the dedication and commitment of the EMT members who are providing their expertise. Their presence in Gaza will make a significant difference in the lives of many.

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