Crisis in Gaza

As a result of the ongoing conflict in Gaza the situation for the Palestinian people is catastrophic.  Over 1.1m people are displaced, 3000 dead and 12.500 wounded. And to make things worse, the number of medical professionals at risk is increasing.

As of 16. October the number of professionals who lost their lives:

  • 11  Physicians
  • 4 Dentists
  • 2 Medical Students
  • 1 Medical Scientist/Professor
  • 14  Nurses
  • 13 Paramedics
  • 1  Physiotherapist

As a response to the escalating conflict, NORWAC applied for an Emergency Grant and was granted 6,8 million NOK from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Our implementing partners for this project are Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP-UK) and Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS). Through MAP-UK, we managed to use the emergency grant  to support Al-Shifa Hospital with medical disposables procured from local suppliers, probably the last available supply in Gaza.

On 11. October Erik Fosse, Mads Gilbert and Dagfinn Bjørklid left for Egypt and settled in Cairo in an attempt to enter Gaza as soon as the border will open. As of today (18. Oct) this has not been possible. Neither for personnel to enter, with medicines, nor medical equipment or any humanitarian aid. The situation for people in Gaza is catastrophic.

The need is overwhelming now.

NORWAC is thankful for this funding from the MFA. We know that with this support, many patients and lives will be saved.

And we are grateful for our dedicated partners:

Map UK:


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