Training at the Dedregya Clinic

Finally NORWAC’s consultants, urologist Trygve Talseth and Gro Cecilia Stensrød, a nurse specialist in urology, were able to travel back to Lebanon on the 13th of June. It is three years ago, since their last visit to Imam Sadr Foundation’s (ISF) rehabilitation clinic in Dedregya.

Trygve and Gro travel in June to conduct training in neuro urology for the treatment of patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. Thomas Glott, also a urologist, contributed from Sunnaas via Zoom.

The participants were staff from the Dedregya clinic and from clinics to Mousawat, another local partner of NORWAC. Mousawat has a rehabilitation clinic in Damascus and supports another one in Aleppo, Syria. In total 7 persons, doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists attended the training. After one day of theoretical training, the team had two days with clinical work and case discussions in the clinic in Dedregya.

The Syrian team was impressed by the clinic in Derdregya and they will look at opportunities to be able to implement similar program at their clinics back home. They would like to come back to attend more training, and NORWAC believe that the clinic in Dedregya could be a role model in building similar clinics in Syria.

Trygve and Gro are really satisfied with the team’s work and the development at the clinic. Despite two years of pandemic and an extreme financial crisis the local staff have managed to offer a good interdisciplinary service to the patients and have established good routines for comprehensive treatment of the patients from the first visit onwards with follow-up.

Even so, they continue to need support and training from NORWAC and our expert consultants.

Picture on front page is, from the left; Rida, Trygve, Gro, clinic coordinator/nurse Mona and physiotherapist Hadil. Selfie by Hadil.

Picture on top is of Trygve and Gro with all the participants at the training.

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