01 juni 2021

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Emergency help to Gaza

Emergency help to Gaza

As a result of the war actions in Gaza May 10-21, Gaza has encountered many injured patients who require advanced medical treatment. According to the Ministry of Health (MoH), the number of causalities following the bombing were 1948 injured and 248 are dead.

The COVID-19 situation makes the situation even worse. The number of affected were increasing over the last few weeks before the bombing took place and will surely increase now as people have not been able to be cautious and follow restrictions during the war.  According to the latest available report from WHO1, the numbers of weekly registered new COVID cases are 8.500 – 11.000. By April 17 the number of registered deaths due to COVID-19 was 761[1]. The actual number is likely to be higher, as the availability of laboratory reagents for testing is insufficient, resulting in reduced number of tests among close contacts and suspected cases. The only COVID-19 laboratory was also bombed and destroyed, which makes testing more difficult than before.

On request from the MoH in Gaza, NORWAC applied for an Emergency Grant on May 13 and was granted 8 million NOK from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on the May 22.

The aim of this emergency grant will be to assist the MoH during this acute humanitarian situation by providing necessary medication and medical disposables for patients. NORWAC has a long history and experience in procuring medicines and disposables to Gaza and has established procurement routines with the lowest possible delivery time.

NORWAC is thankful for this funding from the MFA. We know that with this support, many patients and thus lives will be saved.

[1] Covid-19 cases in the Gaza Strip. Weekly epidemiological bulletin from 4/4 to 11/4 2021 and 11/4 to 17/4 2021.The Palestinian National Institute of Public Health, Ministry of health and WHO.

Norwegian Minstry of Foreign Affairs allocated  30 million NOK  for emergency support to Gaza. NORWAC was one of of three organizations who received funds. Read about it on the Norwegian goverment webpage.

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