24 september 2020

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Pain Management in Gaza

Pain Management in Gaza

The NORWAC supported Pain Management Clinic in Gaza is celebrating its first anniversary on the 24rd of September.  The main reasons for the clinic’s success is the highly committed local staff. One of them is nurse Mohammed Riad Abu Reyala, who recently got an article published in Journal of Clinical Anestesia and Pain Management.

The clinic opened at the end of September 2019 and by the end of the year as many as 107 patients had recieved treatment.  In May 2020 we expanded opening hours, hired new staff and started offering new forms of treatment.  The clinic is now a fulltime outpatient clinic with a fulltime staff.  The clinic has begun to treat all post-operative pain conditions and the local multidisciplinary team is now using a larger range of treatment modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, virtual reality and other forms of treatments suitable in Gaza. As a result of this expansion approximately 800 new chronic pain patients will receive treatment in Gaza by May 2021.

There is a great need to raise awareness and increase knowledge regarding Pain Management in Gaza. This is clear in Mohammad Riad Abu Reyala’s study as he examine the level of knowledge and attitude towards Pain Management of 191 nursing students in Gaza.

Read his article via this link: Pain Mangement in Gaza


The main picture is of the original team at the clinic. Mohammad Riad Abu Reyala is in the middle and NORWAC Advisor Lars-Petter Granan wearing his Palestinian scarf. The other picture below is of the NORWAC team after the opening ceremony in September 2019.

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