27 mai 2020

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Supporting the education of Palestinian Health Personnel

Supporting the education of Palestinian Health Personnel

NORWAC supports education in nursing for Palestinian students both at university and vocational training level. 35 students are enrolled in NORWAC supported programs in 2019-2020.

Lebanese authorities are banning Palestinian refugees in the country from working in a range of professions. They are discouraging young people from pursuing higher education and careers that can improve their living conditions. However, the shortage of health workers in Lebanon has encouraged some leniency in regard to the field of nursing. NORWAC wants to give young Palestinians an opportunity to get an education and a job as well as contributing to the education of more health personnel in Lebanon.

Administered by the Palestinian Student Fund (PSF) students gets grants to achieve a degree in nursing at different universities and The National Institution for Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT) provide courses in vocational training in nursing in Tripoli. The vocational training programme has graduated 24 students every year since 2016 and 47 nursing students have graduated through the university programme since 2012.

The two partner organisations also provide follow up and career advice to all enrolled students and have helped ensure a high rate of employment among the graduates of the programme. A young Palestinian with a job changes the life for themselves and for their families.


In the picture the students are thanking NORWAC and PSF for the support to study. From left: Salim El Saadi, Mohammad Rakha, Nizar Ismail, Wafa Hammoud and Sara Taza.

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