Emergency Health Training in Gaza

Solveig Øiestad

31 januar 2020

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Emergency Health Training in Gaza

Emergency Health Training in Gaza

Doa’ Sa’ed Al Daowr, a nurse from The Ophthalmology hospital was one of the participants at the Emergency Health Training course in January 2020.  A project funded by NORWAC in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Human Resources Development Department in Gaza.

In 2019 NORWAC received funding to develop and upgrade the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) Emergency Health Training centre. The goal is to train MoH staff to be better prepared to give basic and advanced life support to severely injured patients. The participants in the training are doctors, nurses and other health personnel who work in emergency departments at MoH’s twelve hospitals in Gaza. The training is in the topics: Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Basic Airway Management and Stop Bleeding.

The project aims to assist the MoH’s Directorate General of Human Resources Development (HRD) to develop and upgrade its already established training centre situated at Al-Shifa hospital. Currently the training centre has training rooms, some training equipment and teaching aids, but most of these rooms and the equipment in there are obsolete and needs to be upgraded. The project will aim to provide the department with new equipment and adequate facilities.

Even if the training rooms are not ready yet, the training has already started. 14 training courses have been conducted so far, 11 courses held in Basic Life Support and 3 courses in Advanced Life Support. 160 participants all together from different emergency departments.

During our last visit to Gaza and the HRD department, we were able to experience the training in action. The participants were in the middle of doing training in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR when we walked in.

Doa’ Sa’ed Al Daowr, the nurse from The Ophthalmology hospital was an active participant and was very eager to show us what she had learnt.  Hopefully this training and project will contribute to save lives in Gaza.