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Treating Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Last week, a Norwegian team of specialist (urologist, nurse, physiotherapist and occupational therapist) from Sunnaas Hospital and Oslo University Hospital were in South Lebanon for lectures and clinical follow-up of staff and patients at Imam Sadr Foundation’s (link) clinic in Dedraygha. The clinic was set up in 2014 to treat people with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI).

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Norwegian Ambassador visit Medical Center Aarsal

Posted on Sep 21, 2016

Supported by the Norwegian government, NORWAC has been covering MCA’s running costs for one year now, after shortage of funding was threatening the Centre with closure. Established in early 2014, MCA currently provides healthcare services for more than 6,500 patients, on monthly bases. It also hosts 150 surgical procedures a month.

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Medical relief in Aleppo

Posted on Sep 10, 2016

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is generously responding to the needs of besieged and displaced civilians in Aleppo. NMFA has granted NORWAC emergency funding for immediate medical relief.

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Graduation ceremony for 6th graders in Saida

Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Maarouf Saad Social and Cultural Foundation recently celebrated the graduation of their 6th grade students in Saida. Students received their diplomas, and parents and families were invited to attend concerts and performances by the students.

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Celebrating the 40-year anniversary of NISCVT

Posted on May 24, 2016

The 10th annual conference commemorated the 40th anniversary of establishment of NISCVT and coincided with 20 years of services launching at the Family Guidance Center in Beirut.

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