Improving Neonatal Care in Gaza

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02 juli 2019

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Improving Neonatal care

Improving Neonatal care

NORWAC started a new project in Gaza in May 2019. The overall goal of the project is to increase competence of neonatal nursing in Gaza.

Twenty-five students have been recruited representing most of the hospitals in Gaza.

Nurses constitute around 60% of the MoH workforce and are important for improvement of quality and indicators of health care services in Gaza.  The competency of neonatal nurses in Gaza needs to

be enhanced and specialized to integrate all technical, professional and management skills to deliver high quality care. This project is a part of Palestinian Ministry of Health strategy towards continuous professional development of their employees.  The aim of this project is to prepare competent practitioners, who are able to contribute to neonatal care standards and improve neonatal health indicators. The intended qualification from this program is to achieve a professional Diploma in Neonatal Nursing (post-graduate level). On successful completion, students will have achieved the essential competencies for four basic Neonatal nursing practices according to National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN), American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

NORWAC will through Palestine College of Nursing (PCN):

  • Develop a 12-month curriculum program for neo-natal nursing on a postgraduate level.
  • Recruit teachers and students for the programme.
  • Implement the 12-month education in neonatal nursing.

The results from the project will be:

  • A newly developed and relevant protocol for a 12-month curriculum for Neo-natal nursing
  • Graduation of 25 MoH nurses who have completed and passed the professional diploma in Neonatal nursing.
  • Nurses in Gaza have gained increased competence in neonatal nursing.