Workshop for Spinal Cord Injuries in Derdghaiya

Posted on Sep 5, 2018

Spinal Cord Injuries workshop at clinic in Derdghaiya

Since the opening in 2014, the Derdghaiya clinic in South Lebanon has offered health services to people suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI).  The clinic has been collaborating with Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital and has received the technical and financial support from NORWAC. The clinic is owned and run by Imam Sadr Foundation (ISF), one of NORWAC´s partners in South Lebanon.

In July 2018, a workshop was organized and held at the clinic. It was set up and led with the support and expertise from Peer consultant Trond Hammer, physiotherapist Nina Enersen, senior physician Ingebjørg Irgens and occupational therapist Gunnbjørg Aune from Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital - together with NORWACs partners ISF and Mousawat Organization. The project has so far proven to be a success and useful for all the beneficiaries involved.

During this workshop the participants focused on interdisciplinary cooperation in treatment and rehabilitation of SCI with an emphasis on prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, prevention of shoulder / arm problems and wheelchair techniques, as well as the role of the user consultants in the team.  

WHO’s Wheelchair Training Package – Basic Level was used as a background for the practical training. The team at Derdghaiya clinic presented theoretical information for patients and their families based on previous patient lectures at Sunnaas. The patients learned how to stretch and train shoulders and arms and shared their experiences with each other.  The participants found that the combination of theoretical lectures followed by specific tasks was engaging and very useful.


Sharing knowlegde: Hassan (peer consultant), Rida Jezzine (nurse), Ingebjørg Irgens (physician) and Mona Tiba (nurse/team leader).

Two women from Saida attended the workshop in Derdyhaiya, Lebanon




Nina Enersen, Trond Hammer and Gunnbjørg Aune showing a lifting technique

Trond Hammer showing how to move from the bed to the wheel chair