Meet our staff: Gaza

Posted on Dec 19, 2017

Life in Gaza is tough. Insecure electricity supply, lack of food, fuel, and medical supplies, are all problems that are challenging the Palestinians basic right to health. The reality of living under a blockade exacerbates issues such as hospital referrals, supply of medicines, access to proper medical equipment, and also exchange of knowledge because of strict border control. Eman has never been outside of Gaza. If you have worked hard, and are fortunate, the chance of getting a scholarship to study abroad might arise, as it did for Eman. When she was 18, the offer of studying in Finland presented itself, but having never been outside of Gaza before, and not knowing if you will ever be able to return, is the reality for many, and this resulted in the decision to stay in Gaza, where she completed her degree at the Islamic University.
Eman started working for NORWAC in July 2015, and since then she has become an expert in shifting her focus between Ministry of Health meetings, Gaza permits, transportation logistics, bank visits, accounting meetings, and skyping with HQ in Norway. She has two lovely daughters, and while Eman is at work, the youngest is watched by her grandmother, while the oldest is in a nursery. Juggling motherhood and work is going well, and being part of the NORWAC team, has even cured her of her fear of hospitals.
One of the projects NORWAC is working on in Gaza is Safe Childbirth, and Eman draws attention to this project, as the fertility rate in Palestine is the highest in the region, and reproductive health services represent a substantial proportion of the population`s demand for health care. By working for NORWAC, Eman feels she is contributing, and at the same time she is learning a lot. Palestinian Ministry of Health has requested NORWAC to continue to aid and consolidate the implementation of international standards and safe childbirth protocols in the delivery service in Al-Shifa hospital, and to begin implementation in Harazin Hospital. In addition to this, WHO has specifically suggested that NORWAC continues to take on this project due to NORWAC`s long-standing partnership with Al-Shifa hospital and experience in the field of midwifery care in other projects in Palestine.
It is spirited individuals like Eman, which makes NORWAC who we are today. Our organization relies on having smart, passionate and competent employees working locally, and we really appreciate all that she does.