Continuous success for NORWACs medical oxygen project

Posted on Nov 3, 2017

In September, Master of Global Health student Marie Molund Lexow visited the West Bank to get an overview of NORWACs medical oxygen project. Her findings show that the oxygen generators across the West Bank has had great improvements for both patients, nurses, hospital directors, and engineers. New technology and machinery, separate buildings for the generators, and dust filters in front of doors and windows are all part of the provision of up to 99% pure oxygen.

Oxygen duplexes placed strategically across the West Bank is fulfilling the needs of all the major hospitals, and surplus oxygen is supplying smaller units, healthcare centres, and ambulances. Still, there are risk-factors that can endanger the project. The oxygen generators run on electricity, and the electricity supply in the north of the West Bank is often unpredictable and unreliable. However, the situation in the West Bank is much better than in Gaza.

Due to the blockade, medical equipment and spare-parts are often stopped at the border, and on average, there is 4 hours of electricity per day. This has severe consequences for both the procurement and maintenance of the oxygen generators NORWAC has in Gaza. NORWACs work continues, because there is no doubt that the oxygen project has played an important role in improving the health of Palestinians both in stabile and more turbulent times.

  • Outside oxygen facilities in Tulkarem, Palestine