New obstetric nurses at PRCS Hamshery Hospital

Posted on Aug 11, 2017

The program has been a cooperation between Spanish Red Cross, PRCS and NORWAC in 2016/17.

14 nurses started the program after their three-year nursing education. In 18 months, they have undergone theory and clinical practise. One Lebanese midwife and one Palestinian Obstetrician have been the main teachers. From NORWAC, Synne Holan has been advisor and teacher in the program. Four students left the program due to lack of interest or failed exams.

One obstetric nurse will work in Balsam Hospital in Rashidie camp, Tyre, two at Hamshery Hospital, Saida, two at Haifa Hospital, Beirut, three at Nasarah Hospital in Bekaa and two at Saafad Hospital in Bedawi, Tripoli.

They will work with mothers and newborn babies. They will teach young women, parents and family members about reproductive rights and life. They will support pregnant women, women giving birth and mothers and newborn after birth. It was not possible to give the nurses a full Midwifery education because of International standards, Lebanese programs are in French, a lack of funding, but these special nurses fit in well with PRCS needs for staff with special competence.

  • The new obstetric nurses are holding their certificates. Here together with teacher Fadia (in pink t-shirt), Dr. Ahmed (light blue shirt), Synne Holan (far right).