Medical relief in Aleppo

Posted on Sep 10, 2016

NORWAC welcomes the US and Russian initiative for nationwide cessation of hostilities in Syria scheduled to start at sunset on Monday, the beginning of the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Adha.

Since July this year, Aleppo has experienced a dramatic increase in violent conflict. The warring factions have targeted hospitals, primary health care centers and medical warehouses. The existing hospitals in Aleppo were already operating at the limits of their capacity before the violent conflict escalated. The number of injured people has risen dramatically and a number of hospitals are out of service.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is generously responding to the needs of besieged and displaced civilians in Aleppo. NMFA has granted NORWAC emergency funding for immediate medical relief and assistance to civilian health infrastructure inside Aleppo city and hospitals serving displaced civilians outside Aleppo city. Implementation will be done in cooperation with Syrian civil society organizations.

NORWAC is already supporting the ambulance services in Aleppo city with funding from NMFA.


Contact person:

Dr. Erik Fosse, President of NORWAC
Tel: +47 970 71 849