Treating patients from the war in Gaza

Posted on Feb 2, 2015

The war in the summer of 2014 caused thousands of injuries in a very short time, putting the hospitals in Gaza under strain. Many of these patients have complicated fractures, infections and amputations, which are difficult to treat and require advanced orthopaedic and plastic surgery and rehabilitation.

Al Shifa Hospital

Dr. Geir Stray Andreassen, Dr. Mahmoud Matar og Dr. Jon Compson - Al Shifa Hospital

NORWAC is working with the hospitals in Gaza and East Jerusalem to help treat these patients and provide the equipment necessary for the surgeries.

Al Makassed Charity Hospital in East Jerusalem received eighty of the worst injuries and provided them with treatment free of charge. NORWAC is supporting Al Makassed financially to cover the costs of these treatments.

In Gaza Al Shifa hospital is the referral hospital for trauma patients and saw around 60% of all injuries. Al Shifa is still seeing and treating patients from the war who are in need of advanced repeated surgery. In cooperation with the British charities IDEALS and MAP-UK, NORWAC works to support the surgeons in Al Shifa hospital.

NORWAC is using emergency funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide essential equipment for surgery and supporting the local surgeons with experts from Oslo University Hospital. Since October surgeons from Norway and the UK have visited Gaza once a month, working alongside Palestinian surgeons evaluating and treating patients. The Ministry of Health is supporting the effort by providing extraordinary resources to the surgeons despite the difficulties in the hospitals.

Many of the patients operated on will need support in the future and NORWAC hopes to continue the project over the next year to help them achieve a better outlook for life after injury.

Al Shifa Hospital

Dr. Geir Stray Andreassen - Al Shifa Hospital