Support for the Palestinian Ministry of Health

Posted on Jan 6, 2015

MOHOn August 2nd, NORWAC met in Ramallah with HE The Minister of Health of Palestine Dr. Jawad Awwad. After several months of joint planning and preparation, the Ministry of Health officially announced that NORWAC will continue our decades long programme of support for the Ministry of Health in the coming year. The aim for NORWAC is to support the Ministry of Health in its efforts to improve the health services available to the Palestinian populations in both Gaza and the West Bank.

Projects will focus on sustainably increasing the self-dependence and capacity of the Ministry of Health to provide high quality health care and include efforts to improve the health of mothers and children, surgical services in Gaza and strengthening critically important emergency services in the Al Makassed Hospital in restless East Jerusalem. Finally the long cooperation between NORWAC and MoH to secure oxygen supply for hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza is reaching its final stage and we will be working over the next year to transfer all central tasks and responsibility to MoH.

NORWAC would like to extend its gratitude to the Ministry of Health and HE the Minister for a spirit of candidness and cooperation over many years and we look forward to continuing our partnership and work in solidarity with the Palestinian people.