Cooperation agreement with WATAN/Khayr

Posted on Jun 28, 2014

Belal & Moaz - signing

Chairman of Watan, Moaz Al-Sibaai & Senior Consultant, Dr. Belal Al-Jabri

NORWAC recently signed a new cooperation agreement with WATAN/Khayr. Watan is one of the largest and most efficient Syrian NGOs, and has a solid record of accomplishment within the field of medical relief work and health care. NORWAC was represented by Senior Consultant Dr. Belal Al-Jabri during the signing. “As a Syrian -Norwegian physician, I am proud to represent NORWAC at the signing of Phase IV in our cooperation with Watan/Khayr” said Dr. Al-Jabri.

Norwegian support will help ensure the continuation of necessary medical care to the Syrian population. The Chairman of Watan, Moaz Al-Sibaai, underlined the importance of NORWACs projects in Syria saying, “NORWAC has been an important and solid partner of the Syrian people for nearly three years. International support is vital to our efforts, and I am pleased to continue our partnership with NORWAC.”

The Norwegian support through Watan will provide permanent and mobile field hospitals, procurement of medical disposables and psychosocial work among refugees. In addition to fighting, lack of medical care is one the primary reasons for displacement and the influx of refugees to neighboring countries. Improved health services inside Syria may therefore reduce the number of displaced persons and reduce the pressure on already overburdened health care services in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


By Stein Omar Gjendem